How do we get started?

Easy, Call 702-748-4033 or e-mail at info@affordableproductphotographers.com  and tell us the type & quantity of items to be photographed. We will explain in greater detail workflow, proofing, pricing, payment and delivery process to you.

How long does it take?

Our normal turnaround  is 5-7 business days. When you place your order, we will give you a firm shooting & delivery schedule.

Do I need to be located near Cleveland to be a client?

You don't need to be in Cleveland. We service clients from all over the United States.

How do I pay?

After your product arrives we will inspect it and contact you. A 50% deposit is required to begin the process via Pay Pal or company check. When your job is completed and final payment is received, we will email you a secure link so you can download your photos. We also, offer the option of sending you a disc.

Do you provide TIFF or JPG files?

We provide both. You receive a Tiff image ( 300 dpi)  Jpegs ( 72 dpi ) provided are ready to load to your website, email, or PDF catalogs.

Some of my products need to be assembled. Can you do this for me?

Absolutely! Product assembly is invoiced at $40 per hour in 1/4 hour increments.

Do you guarantee satisfaction?

Absolutely! We use an online proofing system that will allow you to see your completed images.

How can we use the images you create?

Once you have paid for your order, you have an exclusive license to use the photos for your company any way you desire.

How do you deliver our images?

It's up to your period, We offer you the ability to download your final images from the web or we can send you a disc.

Can you work with our web development team?

Of course. Have them contact us.

Do you shoot product groups?

Yes. Product groups take a little more time to photograph and are therefore more expensive than individual photographs. See our pricing.

How much editing is included in the price of a photo?

Usually, we do any minor retouching, and color adjustments free of charge. If your product photo requires additional retouching it will be billed at our hourly editing rate. All additional editing is done with your authorization only. *clipping paths for complex product shapes or products with multiple open areas (ex. brushes, serrated edges, jewelry w/chains) will be quoted on an individual basis.

Can I get my photos on a background other than white?

Although white is the ideal color for making your products really jump off the page, we can use any background color you like for an additional charge (see our pricing page). Just be sure to specify the exact color on your order form. If you want us to match the background color of one of your web pages please include your URL..

Do you shoot your photos at customer sites?

If you have a large number of products, sometimes it makes sense to photograph them at your location. Call us and we can discuss whether this makes sense for the quantity of product you have and associated costs.

Will you ship my products back to me?

Yes. Please include a prepaid shipping lebel or your shipping account number to ship your products back. No shipping account? No problem! We will just invoice the shipping cost in the final bill.  Pack all of your products with care and we will return them in the original packing and boxes when possible.

Do you have product size limitations?

We specialize in tabletop photography. The rule of thumb is that if you can ship it, then we can shoot it. Obviously there are always exceptions so please contact us if you're unsure.

What exactly do I get if I use your service?

Product on white background, with natural or hand created shadow.
Professionally lit high quality photographs.
Minor retouching per photo.
Delivery of all images on disc.
High and Low resolution files Unlimited usage.
Secure online proofing system.

Why might my pictures look to light or dark on my computer monitor?

All monitors are not the same. Our monitors are calibrated to an industry standard of 6500k and a gamma of 2.2. This ensures accurate on screen color for print and web use.

Clients Testimonial

"Everything looks Fantastic we've noticed a sharp increase in our web and catalog sales, we get comments on how great our product shots are all the time! Your team was a pleasure to work with. Thanks For making it so easy."

Said Maleki
CEO / Wind International


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